You can select a basic, premium, or deluxe gift basket for event guests, for special people, or for that business you want to attract.  Our basic gift basket consists of 3-5 bargain gift items in decorative packing to compliment your event theme or occasion.  Our premium and deluxe packages include higher quality items and the quantity of items included will vary with your event requirements. 


We can supply you with a creative planning worksheet customized to your specifications, make calls to vendors on your behalf to secure a location and services, or make arrangements for every detail from tickets or invitations to decorations, catering, programming, and parting gifts.


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Products & Services

We have a wide array of gift baskets, party favors, and a host of other party goods you can purchase online.  You can also find party starter kits complete with decorations, party favors, games and prizes.
Love Gift Baskets

Candy Bag Door Prizes

These beautiful baskets make wonderful parting gifts, special gifts for guests, or game or door prizes. Ranging from $12.99 ea to $24.99 ea. 


Candy Bags are a fun way to let your guests know  you're glad they came.  Custom door prizes start at $3.00 ea.


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Select your color scheme and event theme and dazzle your guests with your individuality and flair.